5 Smart Ways to Exercise in the House

By | August 25, 2015

How to Exercise at Home

There can be no denying that keeping fit is one of the most coveted aspects in today’s world. This is especially the case given the increase in the number of lifestyle diseases. However, not every person can have a schedule that accommodates going to the gym. In order to accommodate your schedule as well as complimenting the gym exercises, the home can offer an exciting place for carrying out the exercise activities. The best part is that the ways that have been suggested can be performed by anyone at any time!

House Exercise Tips

The following five tips are smart ways in which you can exercise in the house.

Use Your Stairway

Make use of the stairway. If you live in a storied house, the stairs offer a perfect exercise spot. Based on the number of fleets, run up and down the stairs taking breaks every three minutes. This is an important exercise activity and aids the development of the lower leg muscles. Further to this, the exercise enhances the proper development of the back region. It is an ideal exercise alternative especially for individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes and obesity or simply to keep fit.

Skip Rope

Regularly use a skipping rope. The house offers the perfect environment for jumping the rope. You can do this preferably during the early hours and late evenings. The rhythm should be limited to ten rounds until you reach your limit. This house exercise technique is highly recommended for individuals with feet conditions such as arteriosclerosis as it enhances the flow of blood down the legs. It is also a good option for keeping fit in the house.

Another exercise activity involves exercising the back and upper torso region. Lie prostrate on a soft and spongy surface such as a mattress of the chair cushions. Slightly lift yourself until you can no longer go any further. Repeat this process with regular alternates being keen to support the waist region. It is worth noting that this house exercise activity is beneficial to individuals undergoing physical therapy sessions. It is also essential for individuals recovering from mobility and movement related accidents.

Grab Some Cheap Exercise Equipment

The house can also be fitted with light equipment that can be manipulated for exercise tools. Such items include weights of different weight depending on the level of exercise that you desire and expanders for both the legs and the feet. Keep hydrated during this exercise.

One of the most common house exercises that have received little or no credit at all over the past involves regular sit ups and push-ups. Not only do these activities enhance the flow of blood across the body, but they also help in burning out extra calories that would otherwise pose health risks if left unchecked.

All the house exercises should be accompanied by eating a healthy and well balanced diet during all meals. Moreover, you should strive to live a healthy life as much as possible. Practice the house exercises and witness a new and fitter person grow!

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