How Sleeping More Can Help With Weight Loss

You might feel like you’re on the right track for a little while, but that extra weight always comes back. Eating a balanced diet and staying active aren’t enough. If you really want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to take a lesson from Sleeping Beauty. Get more sleep.

Whole Wheat Vs. Whole Grain

While many of us have wisely removed white flour from our diets, the terminology around whole wheat vs. whole grain can be puzzling. A recent article presented by provides good guidance.

Why You Need More Than Exercise to Lose Weight

I’ve always been interested in losing a few pounds. That means that I must either sweat profusely and expend much more energy than I generally like to, or do the dreaded restricting of calories.

5 Tips to Get Your Kids Off the Couch and get them active

How to Get Kids Up off the Couch and Moving Kids are spending more and more playing video games and watch television while sitting on the couch. Neither of these activities offer enough physical activity to meet even the most minimal standards out there. Trying to get kids to stop playing video games and initiate… Read More »

5 Tips to Stop Emotional Eating Before You Start

How to Stop Emotional Eating Does stress or sadness drive you to food? Do you eat for comfort or because you’re bored? Many people use food as an emotional salve. However, if you eat because you’re hungry for something other than food, you may have a problem. Emotional eating has health consequences. It’s a sure-fire… Read More »

Do You Have to Do Cardio to Lose Weight?

Is Cardio Necessary for Weight Loss People who are out to lose weight are constantly being told different things about the best way to go about it. There are always fitness and diet crazes telling you the very best way to get lean and do it fast. Cardio is one of the things that is… Read More »

How Eating Slowly Can Help You Lose Weight

Eat Slow, Lose Weight It may sound too easy to be true, but even the most ancient texts that we’ve been able to translate describe how eating more slowly is a great way to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Today, scientists and medical professionals understand that eating more slowly triggers a number of beneficial… Read More »

How Many Meals Should I Eat in a Day to Lose Weight

How Many Times to Eat Per Day for Weight Loss When you decide that it’s time to get in better shape, one of the first things you’ll naturally do is head online and start looking up meal plans. Saying that the results brought forth by a simple Google search of “healthy diet plans” are conflicting… Read More »

What’s the difference between hunger and appetite

Hunger vs Appetite: What’s The Difference? Have you ever noticed that you may feel hungry, but when you see the food choices (think your high school’s cafeteria food), your appetite disappears? Depending on food preferences, our appetites can be affected by many different factors such as emotional health, hormone levels and the specific food available.… Read More »